Where it's made

Woody Creek Distillers in Basalt, Colorado, has blazed a revolutionary trail as the first U.S. distillery to fulfill every stage of vodka production onsite. For Escobar Spirits, LLC, no other partner in the crafting of premium liquors could offer this extraordinary commitment to quality. Aspen Valley’s role in the American potato trade extends back to the early 20th century, when cultivating this crop was a way of life, and the farmers’ tireless work yielded more potatoes than the entire state of Idaho. Today, each batch of WCD vodka finds its roots in this very landscape. Native Colorado Rio Grande Russet, Chepita, and Lady Claire potatoes flourish in the sun and volcanic soil on the 30-acre Scanlan Family Farm. The WCD team then harvests, cleanses, mashes, and mixes them with yeast and mountain spring water for distillation, all over the course of a day. An unsurpassed, all-natural, 80-proof vodka is the reward.

How it's made

The raw elements for these vodkas need undergo only one pass through WCD’s Christian Carl Distilling system, built from copper and stainless steel in Germany and delivered by ship across the Atlantic. At the distillery, three fermenting tanks, two stripping pots, and a pair of rectification columns, equipped with 21 bubble plates apiece, ensure a masterful cleansing of the ingredients and therefore the utmost purity in the final product.

What it's made of

Escobar Silver Vodka is made from the renowned Lady Claire potato, grown just outside of Aspen, a high-starch European varietal appreciated for the rich yet smooth flavor it imparts on spirits. This vodka contains a touch of sweetness on the nose and leaves a silky mouth-feel throughout the palate, then finishes creamy and well-balanced. These qualities indicate the understated earthy complexity inherent in fine potato vodkas. Escobar Lead Vodka is made from Colorado rye. This vodka consists of subtle yeast and minerality on the nose, a clean mouth-feel with classic rye spiciness, and continued minerality mid-palate. It finishes warmly with notes of white pepper. The refined character of both vodkas is achieved through a single 42-plate rectification distillation, a single chill filtering, and a blending with pure Aspen Valley spring water.

Neutral grain spirits, highly concentrated ethanol manufactured for mass consumption, have no business near the site that yields Escobar Vodka, a brand conceived by expert distillers who have found their calling in the Rocky Mountain region. There’s no easy escape from the level of hard work required in delivering a product of this caliber. Escobar Spirits, LLC wouldn’t get the job done any other way.